friday not saturday

I’ll be delivering loaves to Rachel at COGS of Coventry first thing on FRIDAY morning this week (22 March) and NOT on Saturday. Fair warning.

It’s looking like there will be some Merton Simple and some yet to be named scalded semolina flour loaves.

And yes that image above may look suspiciously like it was created by a Large Language Model (in this case chatGPT). The AI even told me what prompt to use which was:

The image features a rustic wooden table as the background, adorned with various types of bread: baguettes, sourdough loaves, and croissants. In the center of the image, there’s a slice of toast with the words Friday not Saturday” toasted onto it, using butter or another spread. Surrounding the toast are bread crumbs scattered artfully. The lighting is warm and inviting, adding to the cozy atmosphere of a bakery or kitchen.

I love me some artfully scattered bread crumbs.

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