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How come the bread costs what it does? September 24, 2023 FAQs This was originally posted on 24 September 2023. I provided some updated details in a blog post called more on costs on 7 February 2024. I make The bread is quite dark. What’s going on? May 20, 2023 FAQs Here’s a loaf of Merton simple from this morning’s baking. You can see where the ear of the crust is a jagged edge and because it is so thin it has How long will the bread last? May 20, 2023 FAQs Merton bread does not contain any preservatives so here’s a guide to how the bread lasts if stored correctly. The first two days the bread will What about stale bread? May 20, 2023 FAQs On the rare occasion you don’t get through the bread before it goes stale, here are some ideas. Entire books have been written on this subject1 so Any storage advice? May 20, 2023 FAQs Bread is best stored at room temperature in a breadbox or paper bag. The paper bag helps reduce the loss of moisture and helps keep the crust a Allergens? May 14, 2023 FAQs & allergens Merton bakery uses cereals that contain gluten. The flour in use is almost exclusively wheat based, but the kitchen also contains oat and barley. Can you tell me about ingredients? May 13, 2023 FAQs The main bread I sell at COGs is called Merton simple and it is made with flour (80% strong white flour, 15% wholewheat flour, 5% rye), water and Do you do orders for special events? May 12, 2023 FAQs Sure thing. Just email me at info (at) mertonbakery dot com. We can talk specifics including what, when and how much Why Merton? May 12, 2023 FAQs Thomas Merton was a Christian Trappist monk known for (among other things) his exploration of Zen Buddhism. My mother Gabrielle Eastwood Ellis was How do I slice the bread when it’s very fresh? May 12, 2023 FAQs Very good question. When Merton bread is fresh it is (like most sourdoughs) not easy to cut even if you have a good bread knife. I still have Where can I buy your bread? May 12, 2023 FAQs The bread is available from COGS of Coventry (in Coventry market) Saturday mornings from about 10:00am. These loaves weight just under 700g before