How do I slice the bread when it’s very fresh?

Very good question. When Merton bread is fresh it is (like most sourdoughs) not easy to cut even if you have a good bread knife. I still have nightmares over trying to cut one of my loaves at a dinner party and the table was shaking, the bread was … ugh. I can’t even finish the sentence.

First things first. I know you want to get into it but take a breath. Avoid crushing the bread:

Instead, flip the loaf onto its side and start at the end:

Even better, with the bread still on its side just cut through the middle. I know I know, that means you have two pieces exposed to the air but I guarantee you’ll eat it before the air gets to it. Like this:

Any catastrophes? Send me a photo.

Up next Where can I buy your bread? The bread is available from COGS of Coventry (in Coventry market) Saturday mornings from about 10:00am. These loaves weight just under 700g before Do you do orders for special events? Sure thing. Just email me at info (at) mertonbakery dot com. We can talk specifics including what, when and how much
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