the meaning of the process

Veering into philsophy but here’s L.M. Sacasas from his Substack:

we should be suspicious of the presumption that how something gets done is a matter of indifference and that what is of real consequence is only the end or the output. This presumption sustains the belief that any part of a process or practice can be automated or eliminated without affecting or jeopardizing the integrity of the whole enterprise, in part because it entails the belief that all that ever matters is the outcome of the process and not the meaning of the process or how we are shaped by it. Under certain circumstances it may, in fact, be true that how something gets done is a matter of relative unimportance, but this is far from universally true.

In other words, how we make things matters. Making sourdough reminds me of this every time. That hand-making these loaves of bread with love and care matters.

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