Merton bakery uses cereals that contain gluten. The flour in use is almost exclusively wheat based, but the kitchen also contains oat and barley. The Merton wholewheat and sesame and the Merton wholemeal extra loaves contain sesame seeds and the Merton oat porridge and almond loaf contains almonds. This means that all Merton bread is made in close proximity to sesame seeds and almonds.

Remember, I bake from a small home kitchen. There are tree nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews, pecans and pistachios) on site stored in air proof jars. There are also often eggs, mustard, sesame and soybeans in the kitchen at various times. My fridge contains other foodstuffs including butter, milk, yoghurt, soya sauce, fish sauce, and mustard. These foods are all in air-tight containers. However, all Merton bread is proved overnight in a separate fridge that does not store any other foodstuffs.

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