I mentioned last week that I’d had a go baking with Vanessa Kimbell’s Botanical Blend No.2 Meadow Blend from Hodmedod’s.

Botanical Blend No.2Botanical Blend No.2

I’ve since made a couple more loaves with the Botanical Blend and on Saturday 16 December I’m going to deliver some to COGS for people to try (along with my regular Merton Simple loaves)

Each loaf weighs 740g before baking, are hydrated at 74% and contain 80% strong white flour and 20% Botanical Blend No.2.

The Botanical Blend itself contains spelt, einkorn, emmer, rye, naked barley, naked oats, poppy seeds, buckwheat, linseed, peas, nettle, cornflower, rose petal and mallow flower.

Allergens: cereals that contain gluten. All Merton bread is made in close proximity to sesame seeds and almonds. Further details at mertonbakery.com/allergens.

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