Regular readers of this site will know I experiment and tinker a lot with the bread I am making. Partly this is out of curiosity, but mostly it’s because I just wanna make a perfect loaf of bread.

I did a couple of different things with yesterday’s bread. The loaves were more hydrated (up around 78%) and I also tried to reduce the flour on the bottom of the loaf. This last tinker meant getting the loaves into the oven was a nightmare.

I use a wooden peel to put the loaves in to bake. It’s a slightly delicate manoeuvre that requires boldness (yes, delicacy and boldness). Yesterday one loaf caught on the peel as I was removing the peel. It was carnage in the oven (and not much fun at 6am on a Saturday morning) and here’s how that loaf turned out:


I see a hedgehog with a mohawk.

It didn’t rise as much as it should have (because the loaf more or less deflated when it caught on the peel) but it tastes fine. I know it tastes fine because I really couldn’t sell it. Trying to fix the problem meant another loaf did a 180º rotation in the oven so I gave that loaf (which looked cute but deformed) to Rachel.

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