I’ve been experimenting a lot these last weeks to create a sesame loaf. I was adding wheat germ to the dough before rolling the loaves in sesame seeds but couldn’t get the hydration level (quantity of water relative to flour) right for the flours I was using (and possibly because of the hotter than normal ambient temperature). The loaves were coming out very tasty but just a little flat for me to feel comfortable selling them. I’ll keep experimenting with adding wheat germ to my loaves as it gives them an amazing flavour and texture.

But I also found the simple addition of sesame seeds to the outside of the bread makes for a loaf so beautiful and so different from the Merton simple that yesterday I delivered the first Merton sesame loaves to COGs. They look spectacular, taste incredible, and I am very proud of them.

merton sesamemerton sesame

Up next What about stale bread? On the rare occasion you don’t get through the bread before it goes stale, here are some ideas. Entire books have been written on this subject1 so no bread 8 and 15 july
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